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swiss based holdings and private investment firm

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We specialize in administering assets across multiple subsidiaries in different industries and philanthropic activities.

Our goal to grow and diversify our portfolio by thoroughly assessing various markets and targeting a niche area in that industry. Once identified, we move in aggressively to capture value and grow to scale within a short amount of time.


we  do

Hospitality management

Pura Vida is the star of the show, an outstanding four-bedroom destination villa. Hidden within a culturally-drenched beach haven, this contemporary residence oozes luxury and glamour, with interiors revealing exquisite tastes and sophisticated facilities for discerning guests, including a pool and state of the art facilities.

Financial Technology

Multigate is a financial technology company focused on providing simplified solutions that unravel the complex payment and cash management challenges encountered by enterprise corporations.


Eghosa Nehikhare Foundation focuses on providing the less privileged with access to education. We believe that an educated mind is an asset to itself and the world at large.


The Eghosa Nehikhare Foundation  is committed to driving impact within and outside of its immediate environment. Our goal is to deliver value not just as a private holdings and investment firm but to spread value across several facets of life.
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